Days 3 and 4 of Love

If your little one’s grandparents are anything like Peanut’s, then you know they just cannot get enough of their grandchildren.  They are addicted to the sheer cuteness of our little tater tots.  Knowing this, and that both sets of grandparents live out of state, we knew the next Day of Love needed to be focused around them! 

Day Two – DIY Toddler I Love You This Much Cards

With Face Time, email, Facebook, and all the other myriad of ways to stay connected these days, I can honestly say we do a fairly good job of keeping our Peanut connected with her extended family.  Yet, no matter how often you call someone, it doesn’t compare to the feeling one gets when they open their mailbox and find a handwritten note inside.  It is a warm and loving feeling that stems from knowing this person took valuable time out of their day to think about you.  It is different from the instant gratification of a phone call or email and tends to slow things down.

I have been writing I Love You This Much cards as long as I can remember.  My mom used to slide them into my lunch.  Back then it was just a stick figure with arms stretched out as wide as the page.  This turned into notes for my husband later in life so why not take it to the next generation and bring it full circle? 

I saw this example of what I was imagining and decided to use it as a guide.  I made a few variations but all in all the same idea!  Once we saw how cute the card ended up, we made two more for Peanut’s Aunts.  Get your scissors ready because your going to need them.

First, you want to get all the items you will need ready.  Working with little kids, I like to have everything set up in advance so they can get in and out for their part with as little hassle as possible. You will need:

  1. Cardstock in you chosen colors.  We opted for bright colors.
  2. Tape or Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Markers/Colored Pencils/Pens/Sharpies (We used Sharpies)
  5. Letter Stickers (optional)

Once you have everything set up you can bring in the baby.  We wanted to do everything we would need her for first.  So we had her draw scribble on one side of the pages.  (one for each card)  Then we traced her hand onto cardstock.  You can do this once and use it as a template to cute two individual handprints.  If you do it this way your handprints will match up perfectly when aligned back to back.  We actually preferred to trace each hand so they would be her exact hands.  Just keep in mind these will NOT match up perfectly.  From this point on, your little one is all done.

Next you will want to cut the handprints out.  We chose to then draw a border around the handprint with Sharpie.  On the front side of the handprint write “I Love You” or use letter stickers if you want a specific font. 

Next we took the cardstock we had Peanut scribble on and cut a long thin strip.  You want it long enough to write “THIS MUCH!” across without crowding.  Once they are cut, fold them accordion style and place one letter in each box.  This makes the front say “THIS MUCH!” and the back will be the little one’s doodles.

All that is left is to either tape or glue the inside to the two handprints.  We went one step farther and wrote a handwritten adult note to each family member to accompany our Peanut’s handmade card. 

The hardest part of this was waiting to hear they had been received through the mail!! 


We decided to do something nice for our work family.  We thought it best to let Krispy Kreme do the thanking for us with these yummie doughnuts!  Delicious!


Missed Day One of Love?  Not to worry.  Check it out here!  Interested in other Toddler Craft Projects?  Give this painting project a try!


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  1. I love you thissssssssssss much! We made something similar for daddy last year for Father's Day. I totally love it. I think your blog is lovely. Your blog is so fabulous that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award which you can view here.
    Your pal,

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