Baby On Board: Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Ahoy, it’s a boy!  And what a better way to celebrate a new addition to a family then with a nautical themed baby shower.  When my dear friend, Jenni, told me she was throwing this maritime baby shower I knew I needed to get up close and personal with all her coastal details.  

After determining her guest list, she decided on this great theme to keep in tradition with the mommy-to-be’s first baby shower, which was also nautical in nature.  She selected a red, white, and blue color scheme and threw in a few seafaring accents like this wooden anchor, wooden buoy centerpieces, and a ship steering wheel. 

The guests signed words of encouragement that will later be added to a scrapbook for the mommy, along with pictures from the shower and throughout her pregnancy.  Another idea for a guestbook is to have each guest sign a book for the little half pint (wink wink – I just found out that half pint is a nautical phrase meaning child so I just couldn’t resist!).  Little Tug by Stephen Savage is one of Peanut’s favorites.  However, anything that fits your theme would be great! 

At each table the hostess placed a simple floral arrangement to accompany the buoy centerpiece.  My favorite touch was the rolled onsie placed at each seat for the guests to showcase their creative side once they finished up their lovely brunch.  Here were a few favorites from the shower.

The favor for each guest was simple and sweet.  Throw some Lifesavers into a plastic bag and staple on a label to the top and you have the perfect favor that is cute and practical following a brunch baby shower!

The only game played throughout the shower was a welcomed change of pace from the typical Guess the Baby Food and How Big is Mommy’s Tummy games.   We were not sure the exact name of this game so we are going to call it the Brown Bag Mommy Challenge.  The best part of this game is it is interactive for all guests and can be a cute way to slip in a few extra gifts for the expectant mom if you choose. 

**Money Saving Tip – Have some guests at the party bring a few items each and then return them after the party.  No extra spending needed.

All you need to pull off this game are:

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags (You want to use as many guests as you have at the party. For example, she had 12 guests so she used 12 bags.)
  • A Sharpie or pen to label each bag.  And a pen for each guest.  (they can also share)
  • A cheat sheet.  (An index card or piece of paper to keep track of what is in each bag.)
  • One sheet of paper or index card for each guest.  Label it 1-12 (or number of guests at shower) 
  • Random assortment of baby items that can fit inside of your brown paper bag.  (She used twelve items because you want an item for each guest at the party.)

Number each bag 1 through however many guests you have.  Feel free to decorate the bags in any way you like to match your overall theme.  Place one baby themed item in each bag and then fold the top of the paper bag over and staple it closed.  Place all the bags in one location until the game is ready to begin. 

**Remember to keep track of what you placed in each bag on your cheat sheet.

When you are ready to start the game, pass out one bag to each guest and one sheet of paper for them to record their answers.  I found that index cards work better for this since there will be no need to pass out something to lean on while writing.  Each person can feel, squish, shake, and try everything short of opening the bag to guess what is inside.  Each guest then records the item on their index card and then passes their bag clockwise.  Repeat this process until each bag has made it through every guest. 

Then have each guest open the bag they have and see who guessed correctly.  Tally up the scores and see who won!  At this point you can give the expectant mother all the items used or set them aside to return to their owners.  Here are a few ideas of what to put in the paper bags:

  • Binky
  • Baby Nose Sucker
  • Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder (My daughter loved this thing!)
  • Baby Shoes (This was by far the hardest one to guess at the party.  The hostess used soft shoes so it stumped everyone. Sneaky sneaky!)
  • Baby Teether
  • Teething Necklace
  • Newborn mittens
  • Toys
  • Bottle Brush
  • Cute closet dividers – I am sure you could even find some that match the theme of the shower or the nursery!
  • Binky Clip
  • Soft Plush Book
  • Baby toothbrush (The banana shaped one would be especially difficult to guess.)
  • Rattle
  • Picture Frame

The possibilities are endless.  Just think about what the mother might need or try and think of things that might stump the guests!  Either way, everyone is sure to have a blast.  

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