Toddler Crafts

I am just over the moon to show you my latest craft project.  This one is particularly special because it is Peanut’s first craft project.  Get ready to have tons of fun and piles of smiles because this project is going to make your week! 

**Have your camera ready because you are going to want pictures of this one.

This project could not be any easier.  The only supplies are:

  • A toddler
  • Paint (you can make your own paint or buy nontoxic paint for babies)
  • Canvas
  • Peel and stick letters
  • Drop cloth (anything that keeps your work area clean. you could also just do this outdoors)
  • apron for parent (optional)

I stock up on canvases from Michaels when they are on super clearance (like they are RIGHT NOW).  However, you can always get them from the dollar store for a few dollars.

I like to get various sizes and I am glad I did because I have made this project for a few different people and needed different sizes due to the varying length in their names.  The canvas pictured is the smallest rectangle available since the name of my friend is Brie.  I made another one for my good friend Lindsay so it was a size bigger.  (On that project, I added a handprint under her name since there was extra space on the canvas.)

Once you have all your supplies, you will want to prep the canvas before you get your toddler involved.  I have used painter’s tape and peel and stick letters from Michaels and the peel and stick seemed to be the best option.  The tape kept lifting when Peanut was in the middle of painting yet I didn’t seem to have that problem with the letters.  The letters also allow you more font options. 

All you need to do is spell out the name of the person who is receiving this toddler swag, stick the letters to the canvas in the spacing desired, and let it sit for a minute.  Just for extra security, I laid a book on top of the letters for a few minutes while I prepped my little one.

Next, you want to lay down your cloth and ready the paint colors you want to use.  All that is left is to get your toddler down to their diaper and you are off.  Help them dip their hand and attempt to do more painting then eating.  I really like the textured look that would appear when she made streaks.  However, I think her favorite was pounding her hand down repeatedly. 

Don’t forget to have them paint the sides if it is a wrap around canvas.  A few minutes and a bunch of giggles later, you will have a toddler masterpiece!  Take your little one to the tub for even more play time shenanigans while your artwork dries.  By the time they are all cleaned up, you will likely have a dry canvas so you can now pull up all the letters and have the white from the canvas pop against the paint colors. 

This canvas was hung in a friend’s office and made for a great birthday present.  You could also create this toddler artwork for mother’s day, father’s day, grandparents, valentines day, or anything that tickles your fancy.

If you want to make your gift even more special, throw a picture in a card from the painting process.  It is sure to be a big hit!

 Now go get messy!!!

5 Responses to Toddler Crafts

  1. It looks like everyone had fun with this art project! The process is the most important part.

  2. Leslie says:

    The baby pictures are the best part of this post (the craft is cute too!).

  3. Patricia says:

    How adorable and fun! This is a day you won't forget.

  4. Amy Nielson says:

    Super cute, and awesome memories!!

  5. Kim Seghers says:

    Looks like lots of fun and, great way to create memories! Thank you for sharing.

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