~So Lucky You’re Mine~


In our house, St. Patrick’s Day falls smack in the middle of mine and my husband’s birthdays.  As you can imagine this usually means it comes and goes with very little fan fare.  A pinch of green added to the wardrobe and a Guinness at the end of the night about sums it up.  Knowing that my Nanny, who makes the best – most amazing- mouth watering Irish soda bread in the universe, might be extremely disappointed in my lack of pride for my heritage on this day of all days, I decided to step up my game this year!

My husby, who is decidedly NOT Irish, doesn’t know it yet but he is about to get a whole lot of green to take with him to the office tomorrow.  I wanted to show him how lucky I am to have him in my life.  What better way to do that than showering him with little goodies to last him the next few weeks on those long days at the office?

I literally went to the store and scoured for all things green.  Some things I knew he was not a fan of so I skipped over them.  However, they may work perfectly for your family!  Here are a few examples of the goodies I went with and a few I did not:

  • Lifesavers
  • Granola Bars – Nature Valley has the green box!
  • Sour Skittles
  • Mike and Ikes
  • Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
  • Gum (various flavors)
  • Blow Pops
  • Sour Punch Bites
  • Peppermint Patties
  • Starburst Green Apple Candle with Green Lighter

I topped the goodies off with a green necklace just in case he forgets to dawn his obligatory green attire that way he can ward of all those PINCHES.

When hunting for the perfect saying to tie everything together, I found these over at eighteen25.  I opted for So Lucky You’re Mine but there are a few variations so you can tailor your green gift to your beau, friend, neighbor, or even teacher.

I think I am most looking forward to an Irish dinner of Shepard’s Pie and what’s to follow!  Instead of doing a typical dessert, I am going to make some delicious Shamrock Punch!  For those of you who have never had this, you are missing out.  It is the simplest of recipes yet the most deliciously refreshing beverage you can find.  Just throw together some slightly melted Lime Sherbet with some ginger ale and there you have it!  You can thank me later.

My wonderful friend, Brie, is an amazing artist and doodled up this drawing.  I can’t wait to give my little Peanut a blank copy to color for her first St. Patrick’s Day where she is old enough to participate in the fun!  While she channels her inner Van Gough, her daddy and I are going to take on the Limerick Challenge and come up with some festive poems to wrap up the night! 

**UPDATE – We had a lot of fun with our Limerick Challenge.  I used this printable from theclassroomcreative.com.  We decided our theme should be our little Peanut and her new trike since she just learned how to ride her new tricycle.  What do you think? 

Now, go tell that special person in your life how lucky you are to have them!

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