Pi Day of the Century

Scratch Bakery

As a woman with an insatiable sweet tooth, I have always loved sharing my birthday with all kinds of Pi Day shenanigans.  My favorite type of dessert is literally ANY pie or cobbler (check out my pie pops if your tastes are like mine!), so it’s no coincidence I was born on March 14th!!

However, this year is truly the Pi Day of the Century.  This year’s Pi Day is a huge milestone because it hit the tenth digit in Pi, which will not happen again until 2115!  What were you doing on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 in the morning?  My wonderful husband started my birthday morning off right with this amazing new shirt that says it all.  I dawned my new pi day swag, threw on my running shoes, and headed out the door for the best race ever invented…Pi Day Pie K!


This genius idea is a race dreamed up by Scratch Bakery.  Participants run 3.14 kilometers (just under 2 miles) and get a individual fresh baked pie at the end!  Now that is a reason to run!!  And these pies were no joke.  Runners got their choice between apple or chocolate but could also go into Scratch after and sample any of their other delicious flavors.  In celebration of Pi Day, all pie slices were only $3.14.  You better believe I stopped off for seconds.  Mmmmmm…..

Scratch Bakery

 My husband could not get enough of these delicious balls of dough!  I was more into daydreaming of my next visit where I tackle something off of their Brunch or lunch menu!  What a way to kick start my birthday!

Scratch Bakery

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